Frequently asked question

What is the difference PADDLE BOARDING vs. kayaking?

A paddle board is a great alternative to a kayak and they both share similarities. You use your balance while you SUP and this creates a great full body core workout.  Switching your paddle from each side of the paddle board will help you move through the water in a straight direction.  If you get tired of standing on the paddle board, you can kneel or sit and use your paddle.

What type of PADDLE BOARDS do you have to rent?

We have Red Paddle Co Paddle boards which we use for our rentals and lessons. We pride ourselves in having the highest quality paddle boarding gear in the Bellingham area for you to rent. We also are an Authorized SUP Dealer so if you like the ride and feel of the board we can definitely set you up with the right one for your long term enjoyment.

What do you offer first time paddleboarders?

We have certified paddleboard instructors who can teach you the basic fundamentals of stand-up paddling. The instructor will patiently walk you through and teach you turns, proper stroke technique, how to stop and how to get back up onto the paddleboard safely. We will also show you the right way to hold the paddle and use it effectively to get you where you want to go. You can easily reserve your first SUP lesson online with our booking system or give us a call and we can schedule one for you.

Should I reserve my paddle board ahead of time?

 In the Summer months we do get very busy! We recommend you book online with our easy booking system to guarantee your SUP rental 24 hour in advance.

Are You Allowed To Bring Dogs On The Paddle boards?

 Currently we do not allow any dogs to come along on the paddle board. This is due to the fact that all of our paddle board decks are completely covered in EVA soft top foam which is comfortable for the rider but can easily be damaged by a pet.  

What comes with a paddle board rental?

We supply you with a paddle board, paddle, coil leash and a PFD lifejacket. We will also provide pointers for water safety and paddling so you will have a safe enjoyable time on the water.

Do you have takeaway rentals?

 Yes, we do have a mobile Rental Deliveries as we do not have a shop location we can meet you at local waterway within 20 miles radius of Bellingham.